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WATCH: Hilarious, uniquely Pinoy traits in comedian Jo Koy’s Independence Day greeting

MANILA — Netflix on Wednesday released an Independence Day greeting from US-based Filipino comedian Jo Koy, whose relatable humor about uniquely Pinoy traits has been a hit on social media.

Clad in a barong, Jo Koy encourages Filipinos to “be free” — from titos and titas asking them about nursing school, the pressure of using a bidet instead of tabo, or the infuriating traffic along EDSA.

The humorous Independence Day greeting coincides with the release of Jo Koy’s standup special on Netflix, “Comin’ In Hot,” on June 12.

Jo Koy, whose real name is JR de Guzman, was previously part of “The Comedy Lineup” series, also a Netflix production.

Born in Pangasinan and raised in California, Jo Koy’s comedy topics have included racism, his beloved “lola” or grandmother, and corruption in the Philippines.