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Halsey’s Fans Are Freaking the F*ck Out Over Her New Music Video, and It’s Not Hard to See Why

Upon first glance, Halsey’s new music video might not seem like anything out of the ordinary: “Without Me” sees her stuck in an abusive, toxic relationship with a man who she enjoys going out and partying a little too hard with, but is also forced to pick up the pieces when he gets out of hand. It’s a storyline common in plenty of videos, but one thing in particular has caught the eye of her fans: her video’s leading man.

In a move straight out of Justin Timberlake’s playbook, Halsey seems to have cast a love interest who looks pretty damn close to her ex, G-Eazy. She split from the rapper earlier in October, with a source saying that the couple “just can’t seem to get past their previous issues.” While the pair have yet to publicly comment on their breakup, they did unfollow each other on Instagram . . . and now Halsey has presumably fired a shot in the form of the “Without Me” video.

Do you think the casting was done on purpose? Let’s take a closer look, ahead.