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Chuck Mathay seeks QC top post with ‘pro people’ programs

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MANILA – Former congressman Ismael “Chuck” Mathay III wants to continue his father’s legacy, as he vowed to hear out residents of Quezon City if he wins the mayoralty race in the midterm elections.

“My administration will be pro people. As I said I want the people to know that their lives have improved and that is what I’ve done when I was then congressman of Quezon City,” Mathay said in an interview on ANC’s Headstart on Wednesday.

Mathay is running against Quezon City Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte and Congressman Vincent “Bingbong” Crisologo. 

“I do my campaign in Quezon City but without fanfare. I go to different barangays and talk to the people and really discuss with them their problems and that’s how I do it,” he said.

However, incumbent Vice Mayor Belmonte led last month’s survey, followed by Crisologo. Mathay fared last in the survey.

“My strategy is to stay in touch with the people,” he said.

Mathay said he will order companies to transfer workers who are Quezon City residents to branches nearest to where they live. This would also help ease traffic, he said. 

“If we will be able to implement that in Quezon City then the people of Quezon City will feel the difference immediately,” he said.

He also plans to provide free monthly medicine maintenance to QC senior citizens.

Mathay is the son of the late former Quezon City Mayor Mel Mathay Jr., and is the father of actress Ara Mina.

“Yes she is,” Mathay replied when asked if Ara Mina is campaigning for him. 

“Maybe other stars will help in the campaign, but definitely Ara is campaigning for me,” he said.