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14 Moments That Made This a Truly Sensational and Game-Changing Year For Lady Gaga

2018 shall forever live on in my memory as the year Lady Gaga did that. Don’t get me wrong, she’s had plenty of incredible 12-month periods before this one, but the special thing about this year in particular is that she broke every Lady Gaga mold that had been previously made for her. This year, Gaga didn’t even technically put out a studio album, but she basically wrote one for A Star Is Born. Oh, and then she absolutely broke us with her glorious, transcendent performance therein.

It’s true that a lot of her year revolved around this one shining moment; so many of her glorious appearances and press moments came from that film. But in some strange way, the whole ordeal introduced us to a new side of the icon we’ve born witness to for the past decade. Allow me to break down what made 2018 so special to her . . . and to me, a very delirious fan who is, for lack of a more appropriate phrase, off the deep end.